Welcome to my website. I hope you like my handmade glass beads. All beads are made from high quality Italian glass, kiln annealed and cleaned ready for use in your jewellery projects. Enjoy your visit!                            


 Toadstool Beads

These rustic toadstools have silver lustre glass, enamel powder and silver inclusions to make interesting, unique beads for pendants and charms. Find them on my feature beads shop page.

   Sea Glass Beads




 My sea stalactites are inspired by the colours and shapes of sea glass. I love the way pieces of glass are softened and shaped by the sea in a similar way to the lampworker's flame. I like the idea that the glass having been through a manmade, even commercial process is reshaped by nature.

These crosses have a beautiful, simple, angular shape. Just add a silver head pin and jump ring to make a unique pendant.

To launch my website I gave away this 29mm silvered ivory, wave pattern focal. Look out for future offers and giveaways!



# H-189